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Kelly Rogan, founder and executive director of Skool•ed, is an educator of 20 years. Kelly has a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education from Slippery Rock University and a Master’s of Education in Reading from The University of Virginia. Her experience ranges from classroom teacher in grades K & 1, Literacy Specialist in grades K-12, Teacher Consultant, and Orton Gillingham trained tutor – turned “Edu-preneur.” 

Kelly describes herself as  OFTEN a teacher, but ALWAYS a student – keeping apprised of current best practices and learning trends through coursework, training, literature, and podcasts in order to provide the HIGHEST level of support for students and their families.  Kelly is passionate about brain based learning research and Dyslexia intervention and support!

Skool•ed began as an educational blog for literacy in the primary grades as Covid began to close down the public schools. Weeks into the Covid shutdown Kelly saw that there was a need for qualified teachers to offer specialized and explicit instruction to struggling students. Further, she saw that community groups and families were reaching out to her for support with home and distance learning. Kelly expanded her vision, hired qualified and dedicated teachers, and began offering not only tutoring services, but consulting and professional development courses & resources for parents and homeschool groups, daycare providers, after school caregivers, and teachers. 

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The Sko̅o̅l•ed team is made up of EXCEPTIONAL educators! We offer a wide range of experience & expertise. We will work together as a TEAM to ensure that your family has the HIGHEST level of comprehensive support that we can provide!

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