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    1:1 Tutoring For Students In Grades K-8

    One-on-one tutoring differs from traditional classroom learning because it allows students to work independently and receive immediate feedback. 

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    What We Offer

    Personalized & Effective Tutoring For Students With Diverse Learning Needs. 

Empower Your Child's Education with Our Tutoring Solutions!

Personalized & Effective Tutoring for Students with Diverse Learning Needs. All of Our Tutors are Highly Qualified and Experienced in Providing 1:1

1:1 Tutoring 






1 on 1 Tutoring

1:1 Tutoring 

Get your child on the fast track to success with our personalized one-on-one tutoring.

Math Lab 

Our state-of-the-art math lab is designed to engage and inspire kids to love learning math.

Writing Lab

Unlock your child's inner storyteller with our writing lab!

Homeschool Pods

Experience the best of both worlds with our homeschool pod!

Pre-K Pods

Give your little one a head start with our Pre-K pods!

Kids Monthly Events

Monthly Events

Join us for a day filled with hands-on activities, games, and educational experiences.

Education benifits

Empower Your Child's Learning with Our Tutoring Services

Our focus on quality education at every stage ensures 100% success of our students that have a road-map.
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Pre K Kids Tutoring
What We Do:

Customized Learning Experiences To Meet Your Child's Needs

Here at Sko̅o̅l•ed we teach CHILDREN!  More importantly, when learning is difficult, we meet your child RIGHT WHERE THEY ARE and we climb the mountain TOGETHER!  Our teachers will customize instruction to meet your child’s individual needs based on on-going assessments and feedback to inform our instructional decision making.  We don’t teach programs…we teach KIDS!

Our Sko̅o̅l•ed staff offers a wide range of experience and expertise. Once you’re here you’re family. We will work together as a TEAM to ensure that your family has the HIGHEST level of comprehensive support that we can provide!